Iwein De Keyzer

Iwein De Keyzer

Iwein De Keyzer is a pho­tog­ra­pher and visual artist based in Aalst, Belgium. His artis­tic process usu­ally finds its ori­gin in the won­der of an envi­ron­ment or phys­i­cal space, in which he cap­tures what is there, but often over­looked. Works are devel­oped intu­itively, with the atti­tude of a bricoleur play­ing with the ten­sion between recog­ni­tion and alien­ation. By com­bin­ing pho­tog­ra­phy, mixed media and found objects he cre­ates series that are both obvi­ous and imag­i­nary, and demand a height­ened sense of aware­ness of our surroundings.

Iwein is also teach­ing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst and is part of ROTOR, a place that offers space and time for artis­tic cre­ation, exper­i­men­ta­tion and presentation.

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Lifting Takes More Than Muscle

Groupshow at Blanco, Ghent (BE) / With work from Lien Van den Abbeele, Kobe Wens, Eva van Aken, Lyn de Weijer and Iwein De Keyzer.

Things To Hold On To

Groupshow at Netwerk, Aalst (BE) / With work from Marleen Limbourg, Yana Barrez and Iwein De Keyzer. / Visit Website

Photo Kyiv 2020

International Photography Fair, Kyiv (UKR)


Annual Art Festival, Aalst (BE) / With work from Stephen Verstraete, Nora De Dekker, Louise Souvagie, Katoo De Vuyst, Hans Temmerman and many others.

How I See BXL

Soloshow at Bailiffs auc­tion house, Brussels (BE) / By invi­ta­tion of Anne Van den Berghe, Huissier de Justice at Schepkens — Van den Berghe, I made a series about the archi­tec­tural diver­sity in our cap­i­tal city.



Deconstructing Netwerk Aalst

Site-spe­cific work about the cur­rent ren­o­va­tions at Network Aalst. Documenting and observ­ing the loca­tion and his movements.


Multidisciplinary artis­tic workspace(s) in Aalst. A place that offers space and time for artis­tic cre­ation, exper­i­men­ta­tion and pre­sen­ta­tion. In addi­tion to infra­struc­ture, we also offer artis­tic and busi­ness support.

Workshop Positioning 2

KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture Sint-Lucas, Ghent (BE) / Guest speaker and facil­i­ta­tor of the workshop.

MSTRCLSS 06 with Vincent Delbrouck

Masterclass at Blanco, Ghent (BE) / Organized by Mentormentor

Stippenlift - Leven Is Een Keuze

Video with An-Josefien Falelavaki / Visit Website

The Beginning Of The End

Photography and riso­prints for the album (cas­sette) by Innershades / Label: Unknown References – UNREF006H / Visit Website

TARMAC pop up store

Pieter van Aelst, Aalst (BE) / Platform for young and/​or emerg­ing Belgian designers.
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