Iwein De Keyzer

As a photographer and visual artist I capture both portraits and the ordinariness of our surroundings.

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/ APRIL 2018

The obvious: Kunstoevers is an annual art festival in the city of Aalst, focussing on local artists. For this year's edition I made pictures of daily things I passed by, obvious things that don't necessarily stand out. Putting attention to it gave people a certain feeling of recognition and made them more aware of their daily environment.


/ MAY 2017 - AUGUST 2017

Solo exhibition: With the series of photos about Brussels I wanted to capture the layers of buildings in a city. During walks from Laken to Vorst, certain buildings pulled my attention. I tried to photograph them from unusual angles to obtain images with tension, showing the structures in different contexts. As a result these flattened impressions display a very diverse and layered reality.


/ MARCH 2017

Cassette tape: A series of pictures I made for Innershades. Belgian producer, good friend and local hero. I thought his songs were very raw and dark, though still portraying a certain point of light in the end. The images I would make were not allowed to be too clean, but honest and intuitive. The whole 'zine' that comes with the cassette is black-and-white riso-printed.